What to do during your Venus Return

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Has Venus Returned into your life? Do not panic! Here’s what you should do!

Yey, Venus Returned for me today! Yey? What the hell does that mean? Well, in case you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about, Venus Return happens once every year and a bit, and it is when Venus – the planet – transits the natal position of the Venus in your birth chart. Wooow, still have your nickers in a twist? Then imagine your body has embedded into it the position of the planets when you were born. Now in the present, do you see Venus? When it returns to the same position in the sky of when you were born, that’s when it has Returned. Eh! Much better…

It is said that during your Venus Return what you do during that day or two (or three) will define the fate of all Venusian things in your life up until the next Venus Return. So… yep, venusian things? So things like self-care, pamper, luxury, love, pleasures (all senses), beauty, art, fashion, and material things. So all things we love but hate to admit it.

So what should you do during this period? Well, you do whatever the hell you want. Although I advise you that if you desire any or more Venusian things in your life to occur in the next year and a bit then you should focus on making sure that in the two days this transit lasts that you do nice things. So if you want to manifest more romance into your life, go out with your partner to a nice restaurant or have a romantic evening together. If you want more luxury in your life, go to a luxurious hotel and have a bath there (mmm brain coma). If you want more fashion in your life go out shopping. If you do those things during the Return they will subsequently happen more often for you within that year.

This may seem a bit silly, and perhaps it is. The funny thing is though that last year, without knowing it, I happened to go to a Reiki session during my Venus Return (yeah, my natal Venus is in the 8th house, which is all about mystical and taboo things, so bear with me). That session sparkled in me a desire to get to know myself better, to heal myself and to try to reach a state of equilibrium. During that entire year I became obsessed with the self-help topic and even got myself a life coach to help me with healing (and lol of course she also happened to be an intuitive – that 8th house thing making itself aware again). Just today, during my new Venus Return I had a great session with her and got to figure a lot of things out. After the session I also let out a lot of emotional stuff that needed to be out in the open. I then bough a facial cleanser from Lush and some presents, and went on to eat a healthy meal. It has been such a positive day! I think this following year for me will be all about realising stuff (lol, no, sorry Kylie Jenner, even though you’re probs right). I think it will be a year where I put myself first and trust myself more, which is fantastic.

To find out if you’re on your Venus Return go to astro.com Chart Type: Natal Chart and Transits. The little green symbols on the outside of the chart wheel are the transits, the black ones ones the inside are your natal planet positions.

So what do you want more in your life that you’re going to try to manifest during your Venus Return?

Loads of Love,