What the Flop is happening to me?

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When you try the self-love selfie thing but end up taking pics of your boobs.

Ever since starting my sessions with my life coach just over 4 months ago, my confidence has finally grown. Before I could have never ever taken a selfie for the sole reason of wanting a picture of myself. The selfies I took were mostly aimed at my boyfriend with the constant being a silly duck face in which I pretended to be upset at him. He replied in the same fashion.

The breakthrough came yesterday when I found myself at 00:00 back from a friend’s 21st B-day party and, without being drunk, was really wanting a selfie of myself. So I snuck to the toilet just casually talking to myself and sometimes remembering to shut up because I live with other people, and tried to take a selfie, posing and everything, although without selfie face – aka pouting (god those are robotic and weird). However after 2 attempts I realised that flash and mirrors are like water and oil – good job fashion photographer!

So then I moved to my bedroom where I attempted to take a selfie with a timer, as you can see my boobs were the centre stage of that attempt. In the next one I made sure no more technical difficulties were going to result in more wasted film, and took a very serious picture of myself. As soon as it developed I was like ‘wow that’s so so so not me’ (also patted myself in the back for realising that the posing was so not me :’) ) and decided to take a more natural and more familiar stance – smilllllleeeeeee.

And BOOOM there it was, my first good planned selfie!


The fact that I actually liked the selfies were what surprised me the most. This would have never happened before. Good on you Babs!