Why this is likely my last Zara purchase, EVER

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Why I am making the commitment to spend my money on sustainable clothing. Somebody’s got to do it, right? (This ain’t a preachy post btw)

I purchased these shoes in Oxford Street’s Zara in London the other day. After having seen them when I was assisting a friend on a shoot, I really wanted them! I checked to see if they were vegan and they were! So of course I couldn’t be happier. But I waited until I could physically see them to buy them, just to check which size fitted me.

It was a bittersweet moment when I actually went to buy them. Even though I had been wanting these beautifully designed shoes for a little while, I felt some something was off with me at the shop. There were so many clothes… and they were not great quality… They seemed manufactured in a hurry in a mass production line constituted by insufficiently paid people in “developing nations”. It just made me feel cheap.

I’ve recently seen a film that has made me kind of change my mind about big high street brands. Most clothes at Zara are made from acrylic and other petroleum based fibres (all of which will stick to your skin and release a thick black smoke when burned, whilst cotton for example, just releases a white smoke and peels off when burned, even though it is not the most sustainable of alternatives). So not something I would like to wear, really. Besides the fibres being extremely pollutant, because it’s obviously the petroleum industry, these clothes are mostly made in countries where workers aren’t paid enough to have a good quality of life. That’s just not something I want to support anymore.

That is why this is my last Zara purchase, if I can resist the temptation, although I don’t think it will be hard. I’m ready to make the transition to more ethical and eco clothing. I’ll buy again from Zara once they have made a commitment to becoming more eco and ethical.

So here’s to spending the big bucks on clothes!

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