How Alexandra Moura has just revolutionised the way we don’t wear coats!!!

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Say goodbye to holding your coat in a nightclub. Prepare to say “I don’t need a cloakroom tonight, because I’ve got an Alexandra Moura.”

I’m currently sitting on a train and writing this with an unshakable tremble in my hands. What I am experiencing is the follow up buzz of just having witnessed the way jackets and coats will be worn in the future, or dare I say not worn.

The newest collection by Alexandra Moura besides featuring breezy long trousers, carpet-like-patterned woollen jumpers, and brown fabrics overlapped with a semi baby blue shade or a non-blinding/faded neon orange, it featured the most revolutionary specimen of clothing I’ve ever come across: strapped coats/overalls/jackets. So you can strap on your coat, in the same way you would strap on a backpack, and have it simply hanging on your back! How flipping inventive is that?! No more having to pay for a cloakroom or having to hold your coat when there isn’t one.

Throughout the show I was feeling such a sense of joy and inspiration. The clothes were gorgeous and so inventive. There was not a single piece that I did not want to immediately take home with me at the end of the show.

From a Portuguese standpoint (so me) Alexandra is truly inspirational. The fact that she is not limiting her talents and is astutely experimenting with her designs makes her a protruding force in the Portuguese zeitgeist.