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7 Day Juice Cleanse

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Health / Lifestyle

For this Juice cleanse I prepared hard. I made sure I had recipes from a few sources and even made an excel sheet with the amount of fruit I need for each recipe and the total food needed overall. Therefore when I go to top up I know exactly how much food I'll need. Now, obviously sometimes I had to make some tweaks depending on how I find the taste of the recipes. 

What a Vegan Eats in a Day

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Some of you who are interested in the Vegan way of life or are just simply curious may be wondering what a vegan eats in a day. You probably imagine that it's just lettuce and meat and cheese substitutes, because why would you want to change the way you are eating before becoming a vegan? Why would you want to put your health on the top of your priorities list? This is the mentality that many people who consume what we've trained ourselves to think is the normal diet, which includes meat (and fish), dairy and eggs, have when they don't understand how vegan people survive and prosper.