21 Days of Posting 5 times a day on Instagram?!

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A Social Experiment 

For my dissertation, even though there are 7 months to go until the deadline, I want to do it on fashion bloggers and social media. I want to explore the topic of the quest for perfection caused by the pressure of competition within social media, focusing more on Instagram.

Today I was in the mood to do some research because I also find it really interesting. I was making a spreadsheet on my beautiful MacBook Pro of the followers/post, followers/post/year and posts/day of a series of “successful” fashion bloggers and came across one who had 6,286 posts on her Instagram in just a bit over a year, the amount of time she had been on Instagram for. Crazy shit. If I count her being on Instagram for a year, she would have to post 17 times to get to 6286 posts at the end of the year. If I count her being on Instagram for 2 years, she would have had to be posting 8 times a day to reach that amount.

Just how do you have that much content to post? Is this even possible? Well, to find out I am setting myself that challenge. From today when I wake up, I am going to start posting 5 times a day – I rarely post once every fortnight, so 5 times will be more than challenging for me. I’ve always wanted to post more on Instagram but just never committed myself to doing it. But now it is time. For the sake of my dissertation and curiosity. For how long? 21 Days

Wish me luck.