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I am wanting to develop my own style. I have these ideas about what I like but I have never put them down on something concrete. I particularly like the trends that are in vogue at the moment and identify myself with them. One reason why I really want to do this, one which is totally not propelling me to finally get cracking with this, is that I need to know trends in order to do Uni as my course is totally dependent on this type of information. So what better way to find all this out than to do a little fun collage or, as it is said more professionally, a moodboard.

I love bloggers and I love their style – and I think you have probably noticed that I really like Chronicles of Her as she is basically featured far too many times on each of the moodboards. The bloggers I feature I adore and follow and provide me that daily boost of creativity and inspiration that sometimes is hard to get. Besides, they inspire me to dress better, to buy better quality clothes and to really like the styling side of Fashion (it seems silly to say this as Fashion itself is all about styling, but I obviously mean the Fashion Industry).

Let me know in the comments section if you like my moodboards!